In 1867, Elisha T. Wilson, the first president of the American Academy of Dental Science concisely expressed the mission of the AADS:

        “To promote the cultivation of the Science and Art of dentistry, sustain and elevate the professional character of dentists and encourage mutual improvement.”

In 2017, 150 years later these words remain as the scaffolding of the AADS mission as it moves forward to 2067. The “science” of dentistry must always be guided by the most current scientifically derived principles, procedures and technology in the treatment and prevention of the oral diseases. The “art of dentistry” is the process of integration and application of complex and multivariate knowledge for the treatment of oral disease. The concept of “professional character” from a contemporary perspective includes: (1) interactions with patients in partnerships to maintain health and (2) making contributions to the larger community to encourage and support broader understanding and effective action to improve dental health. “Encouragement of mutual improvement” includes the pursuit of lifelong professional education with colleagues, students, researchers and other health care