Every year the American Academy of Dental Science reviews membership applications for candidates that believe in our philosophy and uphold to the highest level of dentistry and medicine. The Academy would like to invite you to apply to become a new member of our illustrious organization. Please note that in order to qualify for fellowship you must meet the following qualifications: 

  1. A candidate for active fellowship must be proposed jointly by three Fellows on the application below.
  2. A candidate must be a resident of New England who shall have received a medical or dental degree.
  3. A candidate must have been in active practice or a field of special endeavor for at least five years from date of graduation.
  4. A candidate must possess distinct professional attainments, as shown by the reading or publication of an original paper of professional merit, or by the introduction of a valuable technique or appliance, or shall have another notable professional accomplishment.
  5. The application must be accompanied by a letter from each of the sponsors, setting forth the qualifications of the candidate and the acquaintance of the sponsor with the candidate.

Below is the membership application used by the American Academy of Dental Science. Please be sure to sign and return the document to 100 West Main Street Norton, MA 02766 or email it to, along with the subsequent items to have your application considered for review:

  1. $150 Membership Appliation fee
  2. Recommendation letters from three active Fellows highlighting your qualifications and acquaintance
  3. Updated Curriculum Vitae